Pension Reviews

Do you know what is happening with your Pension(s)?

Are you up to date with your investment?

Do you know the 6 changes the government made to pensions and how they may affect you?

If you answered no to any of the above questions chances are you need a pension review.

But what is a pension review; a pension review is an essential part of your financial forecast, where a pension is looked to determine how well it is performing. This will include what the annual fees are and if the meet the current accepted standards, if the pension is growing as it should be, how it is invested and if the fund will provided the amount you need in retirement. Independent and impartial reviews are not only the easiest reviews to book and experience but also mean you get options over the entire industry so if you could be making more money you will know about it. As they are no obligation it’s not up to us what you do next, it’s your money so we leave you in charge.

Wealth Of Knowledge can help if you:

· are aged 60 or under

· have a pension

· want to make sense of your options

What is a Pension review appointment?

· Specialist pension guidance

· At your home or local to you. (day, evening or weekend)


How to book an appointment?

· Phone

· Online


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